A Work in Progress


Keeping Pace

Moving at the speed of the cloud

I’ve been at my new job at CloudHealth Technologies for about two months now. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to work with such a talented team and to have the opportunity to tackle hard problems in an increasingly interesting space. Additionally, I’ve learned a few things over the past 60 days now that i’ve switched from being a consumer of cloud services to a provider of value on top of cloud services.

Being a consumer of cloud services I look forward to new announcements from cloud vendors like Amazon, Google, and Digital Ocean. Whenever something new and cool is announced I think of the ways that I might use it and the way that it might make my product better or my job more productive.

Being a developer of a service that helps companies make the best use of the cloud puts these announcements into an entirely different light. I’m still excited to hear about them but it also means that we’re going to have to quickly figure out our strategy and implement it.

For instance, Amazon recently announced a massive overhaul of their Reserved Instance model. No sooner was it announced than our customers started asking us about when we would support it. Being fairly new, I wasn’t in the direct line of fire but the whole team banded together, put our heads down and added support for new reservation types to the product in a few days.

For us, announcements signal the possibility for a frenzy of development. It doesn’t matter if it happens mid-sprint or during the holiday season. If this all sounds stressful, thats because it is. But its the best kind of stress. We’re given a challenge and an opportunity to provide new value to our customers immediately. It helps that i’m working with a team of really bright, focused individuals all pulling in the same direction. When we put that code into production you can feel the sense of pride throughout the team. Then we go back to our stories for the current sprint and await the “Next Big Thing.”

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