A Work in Progress


My name is Adam Schepis, although I’m known to many as Optimist Prime.

I also happen to be a father, husband, and software engineer.

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My Writing

Don't be a 10x developer

07/22/2015 · 2 min read
Be a force multiplier

The Gloves are Off

03/25/2015 · 2 min read
This morning at CloudHealth we had the best sprint retrospective we’ve had during my entire tenure (5 months already!?) Let me tell you why. The sprint itself was really productive. We delivered a lot of value to our customers, we responded promptly Read more...

Keeping Pace

12/23/2014 · 2 min read
Moving at the speed of the cloud


Here is what I think I'm good at

Being an optimist icon

Being an optimist

Shipping great software icon

Shipping great software

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Picking up Heavy Things (and putting them down)

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Always Sunny Trivia



What i've done along the way


Staff Engineer 2

· Boston, MA

VMware Inc.

By way of CloudHealth Technologies acquisition. Member of core architecture team for the CloudHealth product. Drove the decision to use Kubernetes for microservices platform and architecture for core microservices. Drove API architecture and standards as CloudHealth moved its APIs from REST to GraphQL. Chaired a group within VMware to help drive GraphQL standards across the company

Oct 2018
Sep 2018


· Boston, MA

CloudHealth Technologies

Early engineer at who contributed to all aspects of the application (front-end, backend, data processing). this included design and development of new features that use big data to enable customers to analyze, understand, and optimize their cloud infrastructure. I save money for our customers.

Oct 2014
Oct 2014

Lead Developer

· Boston, MA

Springboard Retail

Lead developer building a cloud-based retail point of sale

Jan 2013
May 2013



Founder of a startup that provided cloud-scaled load-testing infrastructure to customers

Sep 2011
Jun 2012

Sr. Principal Software Engineer

· Waltham, MA


Worked on a security gateway appliance and the Norton products

Jun 2004
Jun 2004

Web Developer

· Stoneham, MA

Percussion Software

Sep 2003
Sep 2003

Principal Software Engineer

· Brookline, MA

VirtuReal Classroom

Built an early streaming online education platform

Oct 2000
Aug 2002

Wentworth Institute of Technology

· Boston, MA

Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science

Aug 1999

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